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Top Crypto Exchange 2021


Established in 2012, the most common and credible cryptocurrency exchange, especially in the United States.

The stock market offers easy and friendly use as well as getting to know the world cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, this is a good first step in this technology for beginners, though you have to add that the costs of buying and selling on CoinBase are higher than on most cryptocurrency exchanges as well as There is a small number of cryptocurrencies to trade, although new ones are added systematically.

Of course, the most common cryptocurrencies we have on CoinBase, such as BitCoin, Etherium.

In addition, CoinBase has a free version of CoinBase Pro, so the fees are smaller and also we have more options, this is an option for people with more experience.


    - simple user interface
    - great security


    - large transaction fees
    - a small number of cryptocurrencies
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Founded in 2018, Founders Changpeng Zhao

It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world that also has its own cryptocurrency projects such as Binance Coin – BNB, which this year in February 2021 reached its new very high ATH, worth over $300.

People say this is it the best money-making machine ever, Binance has a lot offers in your project, Margin, Futures, P2P, Pool Savings, card, Locked Staking, Defi Staking, Launchpad, Swap, Dual Investment is probably the biggest offer on the market.

On May 7, 2019, Binance has been hacked to the equivalent of 7,000 Bitcoin, the Binance market survived and most importantly, customers did not lose their funds.


– large list of offers
– Small Transaction Fees
– a very large amount of cryptocurrencies


– little hard user interface for beginners
– for experienced

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Founded 2012, Headquarters Hong Kong

It is one of the first large cryptocurrency exchanges that have a lot of experience in the world crypto as well as the uninteresting ones, namely the Bitfinex stock market has been hacked a few times.

However, today, in 2021, the Bitfinex exchange is stable and all routes that Bitfinex had to take to cover the losses by hacking have been paid off by the company, which shows how strong is the company that will be able to re-emerge after major falls.


– Small Transaction Fees
– a large number of cryptocurrencies


– for experienced

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    So far we have only placed these three markets because we put
    only exchanges that are checked and tested by us, in the future,
    it is planned to add new cryptocurrency exchanges.

It should also be noted that keeping your cryptocurrencies on exchanges for a long time is not advisable for that our resources are located on certain exchanges which, if hacked, may lose your resources, there fore it is recommended to use hardware wallets.