“Is Craig Wright right about the value of BitCoin”

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Is Craig Wright right or wrong? Is Bitcoin in a lost position or is it just the beginning? Will it be a universal and global means of payment?

In one of the interviews, Craig Wright (Satoshi Nakamoto) informed that, in his opinion, Bitcoin is in a lost position because it is not used as a means of payment, which it believes was mainly created, only possibly as a store of value, which causes Bitcoins to do nothing that people need or make it easier for them in life, so if we only keep value in it, it creates a bank that will eventually break.

And this could be correct at the moment, of course, almost nobody pays in Bitcoin, of course, it is mainly a new All-Time High Bitcoin, in the early and intermediate years we had a lot more burying via Bitcoin, which also does not mean that in the last year there was no purchase for Bitcoin, on the contrary, every year many people pay via Bitcoin, these are the statistics and it would seem that it is, but I have a small question why this data does not relate to sectors where Bitcoin is used more and more, namely the digital sector.

We have many small and medium-sized video games, websites that use blockchain technology, where this market is just beginning to develop, A great recent example is EnjinCoin who entered and became massively embraced in Japan, which may not be surprising The Japanese are technologically advanced and they know that robots and IT are the future.

Over the past 12 years, since Bitcoin has been online, its value has been steadily increasing because of this many factors, although it is obvious that the usefulness of Bitcoin is also amazing level, the list is long so let’s list a few examples:

  • cryptocurrency exchanges
  • manufacture and sale of GPU processors
  • blockchain games, programs
  • Transfers
  • anti-inflationary object
  • web 3.0

It really is a big market and it is just starting to wake up, of course, it will probably be like a bank on a come date where most of these cryptos or altcoins will disappear and many investors will collide, although in their place there are new gems such as Google, Facebook or Amazon, Blockchain will probably introduce the community to the new world of the Internet called Web 3.0, at the moment we have Web 2.0.

No matter who Satoshi Nakamoto was or is, the whole community should count on what he has done and what it will bring in the future.

Of course, if Satoshi Nakamoto is one person and not a collapsed grouping (Cyber Punk) at the end what matters is BitCoins and Blockchainhe brought and will bring for humanity, it promises to be very interesting and interesting, of course you must also bear in mind that each technology even newer, better technology can be replaced.

One thing is for sure, we have a Digital World, so we need Digital Currency.

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